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We've listed 2020's forecasted colour favourites for you to explore!

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Property Brokers 09 Feb 2020


Calm. Gracious. Balanced. 2020's colour forecast is proving to be an inspiration to all colour lovers and design enthusiasts.

If you've been thinking about transforming a space or about how better to define a room; or to create a certain mood or atmosphere - using colour may be something to look into. 


Transforming your personal spaces can begin with a great base of whites and neutrals. Once you have selected your perfect white (whether it's a warm or cool white), your colours can be added to create contrast, highlight key decor items and architectural features, or lift the overall scheme of your space. 


Depending on your preference and taste, colours that are bold, saturated or vivid can be used sparingly in small items, or for whole walls and rooms. 


This grounded palette of neutrals sees elements of white through to caramel unite with muted lavender. A soft blush tint and terracotta accent add warmth and variety.


Don't be afraid to use vibrant, clean colours to create a key highlight and also in open spaces; this is an easy way to help divide the room into functional zones.


Tipped favourites for 2020 include:

A natural palette: From woodland tones like mushroom greys, and fern-inspired shades through to natural layered textures and graphic botanical patterns.


Shades of green: Dusty tones of mint, sage, jade and olive through to emerald are tipped to be popular this year.


Warmer shades of white: A minimalist trend has resulted in shades of creams, beiges and whites being popular choices for anchoring interior colour palettes. These shades are timeless and neutral, and can easily be manipulated with different types of lighting to create dramatic results.


Dark and stormy shades: Dramatic and dark colours seem to have captured the imaginations of colour lovers this year. These shades are perfect for building up layered looks!


Spiced tones: Not quite pink and not quite brown, these spicy shades inspire an earthy feel and pair well with a wide variety of different colours to create a sophisticated look.

Spiced Tones

Sunny tones: It is widely known that the hue that most expresses hope and reassurance is yellow. And, this year, buttery tones are tipped to be very popular!

Sunny Tones

Pink and blush shades: Love it or hate it, pink and its softer, rosier shades and muted near-beige blushes are here to stay - and can be combined with a host of different colours.

Pink Tones

Bold decorating and colour trends: Minimalist murals: Defining an area with well-placed artistic flair can instantly open up a room - and your imagination. 


Art deco touches: An instant way of introducing opulence and luxury to an interior. The use of high contrasts, high gloss and brushed brass have such a strong character and are best suited to a minimalist setting.


Bright and bold pop of colour: This trend is all about contrast, this makes it so easy to get right! A great place to start when picking a colour is to look at the other side of the colour wheel, and then, balance a vibrant hue with a dustier version of its complementary colour.


Wallpaper features: From faux finishes through to pieces that bring a sense of creativity and whimsy. Wallpapers are also great to decorate furniture, highlight architectural features and also to introduce a touch of a pattern to painted spaces. They're great to use as conversation starters too - nothing better than placement of a bold wallpaper to express personality!


Exterior featuring pops of colour: An exciting trend is seeing pops of colour being applied to exteriors - adding creativity and curb appeal. 



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