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A new era

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Property Brokers 26 Jun 2020

KB1_0176 RTNew Zealand's most successful real estate office is now led by our most successful sales consultant

A good Branch Manager follows the three 'ships' of management: Leadership, Mentorship and Ambassadorship. And, after 12 years at the helm, and numerous branch awards, it would be fair to say that Philip Kubiak, Whanganui's Branch Manager, indeed has followed all three.

He's faced numerous challenges and seen a few changes since July 2008, when he was named Branch Manager. After 12 years at Property Brokers Whanganui, Philip has decided to step down from his leadership duties and officially retire. And, while we at Property Brokers will miss him, and his 'ships', we know just how well-deserved this retirement is.

KB1_9924In his time as Branch Manager, he has built, led and managed what is now the number one Real Estate office in the Whanganui region. From day one, Philip has been focused on superior client service and building a team of dedicated and highly skilled Real Estate professionals.

The 28 staff (including 14 sales consultants and administrative and property management staff) of The Whanganui branch together with over 700 Property Brokers staff sprinkled throughout provincial New Zealand would like to take this opportunity to say,


"Thank you, Philip. And, welcome Ritesh."

Ritesh Verma has taken the helm as Whanganui's new Branch Manager and will have a direct impact on the team - the heart of Property Brokers Whanganui. His leadership will further influence their success and development. Ritesh believes in leading by example, is known to bring out the best in people and is enormously passionate about the industry.

After delivering Whanganui locals with outstanding real estate service for over 13 years now, Ritesh is proud and excited to take this next step into the role of Branch Manager. Like his predecessor, Philip Kubiak, he too follows the three 'ships' of management.

Ritesh officially takes the reigns from Philip Kubiak today, continuing his legacy by guiding and facilitating each member of the Whanganui Property Brokers team to make a positive difference in both their own lives, in the community as well as contribute to a larger good. He brings an award-winning wealth of experience to his appointment as Branch Manager. Experience, he freely shares with his exceptional team.

New Zealand's most successful real estate office

The team at Property Brokers Whanganui has won the national REINZ branch of the year award for the past 4 out of 5 years, including three times in a row - 2017, 2018, 2019! We are proud of our achievements, proud of our team, and most of all, proud to be here.