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2020 has seen yet another pivotal moment for Property Brokers

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Property Brokers 16 Oct 2020

Blog-image_Bill-Highet2020 has seen yet another pivotal moment for Property Brokers with the appointment of Guy Mordaunt, as Property Brokers Managing Director.

Guy takes over from outgoing Chief Executive Officer Bill Highet from 1st October, after having worked through various roles in Property Brokers for over ten years. He is well-poised to take the helm.


Guy Mordaunt says, "It is an incredibly exciting time to be stepping into this role with Property Brokers at the forefront of the real estate industry. Over my ten years in the business, it has grown and stepped from strength to strength, into an organisation that delivers outstanding results for our clients and people and a Kiwi company New Zealand can be proud of." Continuing, "Although very sad to see Bill go, we completely understand his desire to spend more time with his family, and tip our hat to the fact that a huge part of our growth and success over the past five years has been down to his stewardship."


After over five very busy years at the helm, Bill Highet has decided to tender his resignation to spend more time with his family after many years of commuting between Auckland and Palmerston North.


During his time with Property Brokers, Bill has lead Property Brokers' rebranding, and transition, from a team of 300 into a team of over 800 strong spanning the length and breadth of provincial New Zealand. His dedication has resulted in the continued growth of a fiercely provincially-focused business.


Bill has played a significant role in the growth, development, and success of Property Brokers. And, while we will miss his leadership, we wish him well, supporting his decision to spend more time with his family.


Commuting wasn't a decision that Bill took lightly, saying, "It is a team effort, and you have to be sure that the people around you are signed up for it as well. Initially, we had decided that I would commute for three years, and then that quickly became five years.


I have loved every minute of being a part of the Property Brokers family, and the decision to step out of the role of CEO has weighed heavily on my heart." He continues, "Property Brokers people are some of the very best you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting. I will cherish the friends I have made and hold onto the accomplishments that are part of my history."

Tim Mordaunt, Property Brokers Chairman, says, "It is with genuine regret that we farewell Bill after the five awesome years that he has worked as the Chief Executive Officer of Property Brokers. Commuting weekly does take its toll; however, Bill's contribution to our growth and development has been huge."

Continuing, "He has helped to maintain and enhance Property Brokers values and our culture, and he has welded together a head office and overall management team that is formidable, and it is without a doubt, in my opinion, the best in New Zealand. Bill has overseen huge growth in the regional coverage of Property Brokers personnel throughout New Zealand. On top of that, he is a special person, he has earned the genuine respect of all in the Property Brokers family, and he will be missed. We have all gained a lot from working with Bill, and we wish him well. He is leaving the company in great heart which is a credit to him."


Property Brokers looks forward to following the continued success of Bill's career, and is hopeful and excited, for our next chapter, as we continue to strive to deliver provincial New Zealand with a better real estate experience.