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What makes a bedroom fit for a king?

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Property Brokers 12 Jul 2019

77739269_lThe bedroom should be a space for peace and relaxation, and there is more to consider than the number of bedrooms on the listing. These features will help steer you in the direction of bedrooms which suit the needs of your household. 

  • Suitable size 

​​As you pace each bedroom throughout the house on open home day, be sure to envision the space with your own furniture in it and ask yourself how much space you'll need for beds and other furniture. Would you then prefer a large, spacious room or a small, cosy room? While cosy rooms are easier to heat, larger rooms may feel less cluttered, but if you're inclined to simply flop after a long day, a cosy room may be all you need. 

  • ​​Flooring type and condition

Take note of how aged the carpet or floorboards look and if any flooring will need to be cleaned, replaced or upgraded. If the carpet is in good condition, this can increase warmth and reduce noise. To check the floor is even, take a marble to the open home and simply place it on the floor to see if it moves! This can be a great way to ensure your potential home has a good foundation from the ground, up.

  • ​Storage

The majority of your belongings probably don't fit in a single set of drawers, so be sure to check the storage space in the wardrobes. Are they large enough for the essentials, or is it a walk-in wardrobe, adding a touch of luxury? Notice whether there are any damp or musty smells too. Are the hinges and handles in good condition? Have a quick check by opening all cupboards and wardrobes.  

  • ​Effective heating/cooling

While most houses don't have a separate heat pump in each room, it's common for electric heaters to be placed in bedrooms for extra warmth. But to avoid driving up the power bill too much, notice whether the bedrooms have a heat transfer kit and double-glazed windows to help transfer heat to bedrooms and trap it in. If the bedrooms are close to the living area, they may already have access to central heat. 

  • ​Windows and walls

Noticing the condition of the windows and walls can save you a lot of money in the long run. If any paint peels away from the window frame easily, the wood could be rotting. Check for security latches which restrict how far windows open. If the walls don't look like they're in great condition, is it something that sandpaper and a fresh coat of paint will fix? Or is there a deeper problem where the condition of the walls only shows the tip of the iceberg? Notice any dampness, watermarks, mold or chipping paint on the windows and walls. ​Take note of fittings on the walls which restrict placement of furniture. Lighting and heaters fixed to walls or lack of power outlets can often restrict the positioning of beds and other furniture. 

  • An ensuite

​Based on the number of people living in the household, is an extra bathroom necessary to live comfortably? An ensuite provides the luxury of relaxing and unwinding in private, whilst adding value to your lifestyle. In a full house, it can be difficult to access a single bathroom, especially on a hectic work or school morning. It's less costly to buy a house with an ensuite already built in, rather than adding one later. 

  • ​Balcony/patio

If the bedroom(s) have a balcony or patio, it's worth considering whether you'd be comfortable with your children having full access to it, especially as they approach their mischievous years. That being said, they increase the value of a property significantly and allow a private area to spend a lazy Sunday, relaxing in the sun. 

  • ​Sunlight 

Regardless of whether there is a balcony or not, a touch of afternoon sun might be just what the bedroom needs year-round. Notice if there are any trees or neighbouring properties blocking the sun and remember that longer days in summer mean there will be more sunlight. If the house is north facing, it will get more sun too.  



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