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Can a greenhouse or glasshouse add value to your home?

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Property Brokers 27 Dec 2019


A greenhouse or glasshouse is a great extra feature in your garden. Home buyers who are hunting for good, well balanced value will enjoy homes that have greenhouses included. 

At Property Brokers, it's safe to say that we are pretty passionate about real estate, and, adding value to said real estate. Most of us also enjoy gardening, and naturally, have had numerous chats around the water-cooler about greenhouses; or glasshouses, and whether it's worthwhile investing in one.

Greenhouses are fast becoming more and more affordable these days with smaller, easier to install versions readily available from most leading retailers. Glasshouses, however, will still set you back over $1k, they are a beautiful and practical asset perfectly at home in a well-kept garden. Both provide you with a year-round growing-friendly environment. 

As with any decision, it is wise looking at the pros and cons

Pros: The ability to have fresh fruits and vegetables readily available throughout the year. Ability to move plants from indoors outdoor, no matter the time of year. The ability to grow plants not usually found in your region. No pesky insect problems.


Cons: The initial investment; or time to build. The cost of heating and cooling. The constant monitoring and maintenance. The possibility of increasing your water account.


Delicious fresh vegetables and fruits

You may only have a small garden right now because you potentially feel that you don't have a green thumb. A greenhouse is an excellent way of growing your favourite vegetables and fruits in a controlled environment, resulting in better growth.


The ability to move your plants

With a greenhouse, you can enjoy the flexibility of starting a seedling inside your home for example, and then being able to move it to your greenhouse, with no worries about what the elements will do to your new plant. 



Now, you may not understand the following sentence or feeling until you ever own a greenhouse or glasshouse. But, when everything outside is bleak, cold and miserable, your greenhouse will show it's true value as a place of warmth, filled with living, thriving plants, a beautiful place that is sure to bring you so much joy.


How did you grow that here?!

Ever wanted some tropical plants in your garden, but live in a cold region? Well, with a greenhouse, you can grow whatever you want to grow because you're able to have full control of the temperature.


More control over insect issues

Greenhouses are not immune to the occasional invasion of insects; it is, however, much easier to control than plants in your open garden. Being a closed-off structure, you have more control and are able to keep most insects out.


Initial investment

Yes, there will be an initial investment to build your greenhouse, and there is more involved than throwing a few seeds in the soil. There are, however, ways to build your greenhouse according to your budget, though. We'll get to that a wee bit later.


The cost of heating and cooling your greenhouse

While it is great to have the ability to control the environment in your greenhouse, this does involve spending money. You may need to take steps to warm your greenhouse up in the Winter; and similarly, cool it down in the Summer.


Consistent maintenance and monitoring

While beautiful, a greenhouse could require more of a time commitment than you're willing to make. A greenhouse requires a lot of monitoring of temperature and humidity - the conditions need to be ideal for plant growth. Also, the actual greenhouse will require maintenance as parts will eventually require replacing; or fixing.



Want to know more about getting more value out of your home renovation? Check out our free guide here! 

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