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Adding a touch of green to an open home

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Property Brokers 05 Aug 2019

38717507_xlWhile a bunch of bought supermarket flowers might be tempting, indoor house plants will breathe life into your next open home by bringing nature indoors. 


  • Large plants can split an open layout into two and draw the eye upwards giving a sense of how high the ceiling is, whilst small plants can be a finishing touch, adding detail to a room.
  • House plants filter the air, eliminating everyday pollutants.
  • They’re inviting! They make a statement that the owner knows how to care for and look after plants and this prevents a fake, staged look.
  • From a design perspective, they bring the outside, inside.
  • Since most personal items are hidden during an open home, plants are the perfect swap.

For those who lack green fingers:

One word: succulents! With this being said, there are many types of succulents and they’re all easy to care for. Some common succulents include aloe vera, aeonium and echeveria. A quick Google search will help you recall the times you’ve seen these plants. But be sure you don’t kill them with kindness! They usually only need water once a month.

For those with a bit more experience:

If you’re more experienced in taking care of plants, it may be time to make more of a statement. The Kentia palm brings a touch of the tropics indoors and weeping figs are a large wall to ceiling feature. These two plants are higher maintenance, requiring a little bit of knowledge. But there’s nothing some mild research won’t do to help the plants really flourish.

Research considerations

It’s worth considering whether the plant requires direct sunlight or if it’s more of a basement dweller. Consider whether the colours of any plants or flowers likely to bloom will be a design statement. Contrasting colours make a bold statement, amplifying your interior colour scheme. How large will the plans grow, is there room to plant it in the garden later and will it thrive in the outdoor conditions or wither? This is especially important for larger plants.

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