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November garden guide: Tips to help keep your garden in sharp shape

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Property Brokers 07 Nov 2020


As daylight saving kicks in, the month of November allows you more time to enjoy your home patch! The days are getting longer and the weather is heating up, which means it's the perfect time to start creating your perfect summer display!

Edible Garden

  • All your favourite summer vegetables and herbs can now be planted!
  • Seeds such a Sweetcorn, Radish, Parsnip, Courgettes and pumpkin should be sowed directly into the garden; while Lettuce, Cabbage, Capsicum, Spring Onions, Leeks and Eggplants can be sown in trays in preparation for transplanting.
  • Hot Tip: Sow at two to three weekly intervals for continuous harvesting!
  • In preparation for fruit bowls, plant Watermelon plants!
  • Celery, Cucumbers and Tomato can be planted next to Basil to improve the flavour of your Tomato’s!
  • A seed potato crop can be planted into your garden, a planter bag or a large tub!
  • Since Tomato’s grow quickly, be sure to stake them, feed them and supply lots of water!
  • All your favourite citrus plants should be fed with fertiliser while vegetables and herbs in pots should be given water crystals to retain moisture!
  • Lastly, to prevent moths and larvae from entering fruit, you should hang codling moth traps!
  • To see what to plant and when in your area, you can download this handy planting calendar. Download this handy planting calendar to see what to plant in your area, and when.


Flower Garden

  • As we are heading into summer, you can now plant annual flowering seedlings such as Portulaca, Larkspur, Phlox, Impatiens, Lobelia and more!
  • Create an eye-catching display by planting Dahlias and Chrysanthemums!
  • Californian Poppies, Sunflowers and Nasturtium flowering annuals can be planted directly into the soil!
  • To prepare for transplanting, you can sow Carnations, Livingstone Daisy, Gerberas, Petunia, Celosia and Geranium directly into trays.
  • Delightful pond plants such as Water Lillie’s are now ready to be planted while new seasons Hibiscus plants can give your garden a tropical feel.
  • To create an economical watering system, install in-ground watering systems! This will help to save water and contribute to the environment!
  • Remember to conserve moisture around the base of your shrubs, trees and perennials by using mulch in the way of compost, peat, or bark!
  • Lastly, feed all flowering annuals with a liquid fertiliser!

Rose Garden

  • New roses can now be planted to create a bright display for summer!
  • Remember, when planting your new rose bush to use a generous amount of compost and water once a week at the very least!
  • Fertilise and retain moisture levels by placing mulch around the base of the rose bush.
  • Lastly, be sure to spray your new rose bush with a pest and fungus repellent!

House plants & Container Gardening:

  • Create a colourful display by planting hanging baskets and terracotta pots with your favourite flowers!
  • To retain moisture, consider using water storage crystals!
  • Orchids should be re-potted after flowering to allow for further growth!
  • Remember to water, water, water to prevent them drying out and feed with liquid fertiliser weekly!


Around the property

  • If your lawn is looking a little dull, apply lawn fertiliser before it is due to rain, or simply use a sprinkler!
  • You should also not cut your lawn to short while in a dry climate!


November is a busy month for preparing your summer displays and edibles! Do not forget small jobs and remember to maintain existing plants and trees


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