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September garden guide: Tips to help keep your garden in sharp shape

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Property Brokers 14 Sep 2020


September is the perfect month to get stuck in and plant spring/summer flowers while getting your vegetable garden well underway! The soil is warming up, and plants will begin flowering and sprouting.

Edible Garden

  • Now is the time to prep your vegetable garden, remembering to start by digging in plenty of compost.
  • Seeds such as eggplant, cucumber, courgette, capsicum, tomato, cabbage, leeks and lettuces can be sown into trays to prepare for transplanting. At the same time, seeds such as peas, silverbeet, beetroot and carrots can be planted directly into the garden!
  • If you're living in a warmer district, you can now plant celery, pumpkin, cucumber, courgette, capsicum and tomato directly into the soil! If you live in a cooler distract, be sure to use a protective cloche to protect your vegetables.
  • Seed potatoes can now be placed in the sun on a tray for at least a month before planting. Wait until the sprouts are 2-4cm long before planting in the garden. Be sure to plant these in a warm and sheltered position.
  • Berries such as strawberries, blueberries, brambles and rhubarb can be planted in preparation of tasty desserts!
  • New herb seeds can be sown in preparation for the summer harvest.
  • Remember to protect young seedlings from fungal diseases! This can be done by using a spray containing Copper Oxychloride.
  • Feijoas and passionfruit vines should be trimmed to encourage growth and fruiting, while stone fruit trees should be sprayed with Copper Oxychloride to prevent brown rot and leaf curl disease.
  • To see what to plant and when in your area, you can download this handy planting calendar. Download this handy planting calendar to see what to plant in your area, and when.


Flower Garden

  • If you live in a warmer district, new perennials such as lavender, agapanthus, canna lilies, fuchsia and geraniums can now be planted!
  • To create an eye-catching flower garden, plant dahlia tubers and gladioli corns.
  • Your favourite summer flowers such as wallflower, viscaria, petunia, impatiens, gerbera, gazania, dahlia, cosmos, celosia, californian poppy, begonia and alyssum can now be planted.
  • Annual seedlings of spring and summer can now be planted. These include pansies, primula, polyanthus, marigold, hollyhock, forget-me-not, delphinium, chrysanthemum and calendula.
  • Remember to maintain your garden health by removing dying flowers and feed spring bulbs to ensure growth for next year.
  • Lastly, prune any flowering shrubs and feed and mulch flower beds, shrubs, trees and roses.


Around the property

  • If your lawn is lacking some life, September is a great month to sow a new lawn.
  • Be sure to spray weeds with a prickle weed killer for a flawless lawn for summer.
  • Houseplants should be fed and repotted.
  • Create a bright and colourful summer display by planting hanging baskets and terracotta pots.


September can be a busy month for preparing your vegetable garden! Do not forget small jobs and maintain existing plants and trees.


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