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Interior design tips to help sell your home

Home Sellers

Property Brokers 12 Jun 2021

Blog image_Interior DesignWhile there's no magic wand ensuring that buyers will fall in love with your home, there are a few winning ways to stage your home all geared to help you showcase it well.

With staging tricks, you can increase the chances of selling your home faster and potentially for more.


Kitchen Tips

We have all heard that the kitchen is the heart of the home. You can easily win over buyers with a beautiful kitchen. Combined with these kitchen interior design tips, you can make sure that your kitchen wins over the heart of any buyer. 


The Most Important Interior Design Tips For the Kitchen Are:

  • Optimize your kitchen layout
  • Refresh your kitchen
  • Use light to make your kitchen more appealing


Kitchen layout will be one of the most important features buyers will look for. Whether it's about smart storage or even easy foot traffic, the layout of your kitchen should be easy to navigate and make sense to any potential buyer. 

Additionally, you can make your kitchen more inviting through a simple update of your cabinetry. Cabinets make up the kitchen's visual space, and with kitchens being connected to multiple rooms, it makes sense to make them cohesive with the rest of your home. Make sure that your cabinets and colours match other colours and schemes in your home.


Pairing neutral paint colours for the walls and white cabinets is a great way to make your kitchen the mixing bowl of your home.


Kitchens aren't just appealing for how they function; how it looks while you're eating or socializing in it is important, too. Your kitchen's lighting will make a huge difference too. With no idea when a buyer will see your home, your kitchen should make the best of natural and other lighting. 


See how your natural light reflects in your kitchen, and make sure to pair windows with sheer curtains. White light is best in kitchens, as they are the brightest and better simulate natural light.


Having an aesthetically pleasing kitchen is important when selling a home. Using these interior design tips, you can make your kitchen more appealing to buyers and can help sell your home faster.


Bathroom Tips

Bathrooms are often overlooked in the role they play in selling a home. Bathrooms are used every day in a home and can be a great selling point.


Some Simple Interior Design Tips For Your Bathroom Are:

  • Sleek spaces
  • Create visual interest
  • Relaxing atmosphere 


A common interior design trick for your bathroom is to have surfaces free of clutter, and a matching layout. To achieve this, it is as simple as having cabinetry flat against walls, with no bulky storage taking up space. Additionally, having glass shower doors, spotless porcelain is another way to achieve this sleek and effortless feel in your bathroom.


While you don't want clutter in your bathroom, you can create visual interest through shower tile designs or even a well-placed bathroom decoration. Some easy ways to create visual interest is to either frame a mirror or use well-placed plants (real or fake) to improve the feel of your bathroom. 


To really sell your bathroom spaces, it's important to create a relaxing atmosphere. An excellent suggestion is to create a mini-spa at home! You can do this by using candles, crisp white towels, plants, and other ways to bring the spa to your home. Don't overlook the importance of light in your bathroom as well. Bright white bulbs make for more natural light, making it easier for one to relax or get ready for the day.


When staging your bathroom to sell, think of a tranquil spa, and try to invite that same level of relaxation to your home. Make your bathroom more inviting to potential buyers, and put them at ease with these simple yet effective interior design tips.


Simple Staging Tips

Ready to list your home for sale? Then do some quick staging to make your home more desirable for buyers. These tips can help you sell your home faster and for more. 


Some simple interior design tips for selling your home are: 

  • Declutter Your Home
  • Minimalistic Style
  • Use Texture And Create Focal Points
  • Highlight The Best Features


When it comes to staging a home to sell, buyers need to imagine the home as their own. Therefore, having a minimalistic look that is clutter-free is a must for staging. When staging your home, make sure to remove any bold prints or distracting patterns, and try to have your home as neutral as possible. 


While having a neutral, minimal style is more inviting for buyers, you should create visual interest through texture. Rugs, burlap, wood and other textures will help you create visual interest in the room and are a great way to highlight some features of your home. Stone countertops paired with neutral colours and even hardwood floors are sought after by buyers. The right placements of centrepieces or textures can make your home pop. 


These simple interior design tips can easily make your home more desirable to potential buyers and sell it faster!

About the Author: Catherine Way is a Freelance content creator and marketer. She has created content for the following industries: Real Estate, Mortgage, Finance, Business, and many more. She is the Marketing Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages: Real Estate Note Investing