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2020 marks the start of a new decade, is property one of your grand goals?


Property Brokers 07 Jan 2020


You probably had a conversation about your New Year's resolutions at some point, most of us do. A list of grand goals for 2020, things like plans to travel to a host of exotic destinations, finally getting those coveted shredded abs, to growing your savings account and everything in between!

Did you happen to talk about your property goals? If not, why not take a moment to consider what you want to achieve property-wise in 2020.


Do you want to get onto the property ladder by buying your first home? 

If you've been thinking about buying your first home, 2020 may be the year to make that happen.

Do you know if you're ready to take the leap? Here are a few signs that you could be:
  • Your amount of debt is shrinking, or you may be debt-free
  • You have a permanent job, it's one that you enjoy and will be settled in for a while
  • You have some savings sitting in an account and an emergency fund


Next steps? 

Talk to a mortgage broker to find out more about:

  • Home loans for first home buyers
  • Home loans for new builds
  • Low deposit home loans
  • Fixed or floating interest rates
  • Information around accessing KiwiSaver funds or HomeStart grants
Talk to our local real estate sales consultants to get started by telling us what your property requirements are. We specialise in finding you a property that will be a great fit for you and your needs!


Have circumstances changed and now you're thinking of getting a larger; or a smaller property?

When circumstances change - your property needs may need changing too. Whether your family is growing; or you're thinking about retiring, you're entering into a new stage of your life, you can pre-empt these by changing your property first, doing away with additional stress.

Talk to one of our local real estate sales consultants to talk through your needs, and to see how we can help you with your changing property needs.


Are you thinking of changing your property and renovating?

Renovating can significantly increase the value of your property or make it more comfortable to live in.

As a rule of thumb, updating areas like bathrooms and kitchens tend to add the most value. Adding maintenance-heavy features, including pools, could actually scare buyers away.

Whenever making changes to your property, be sure to keep prospective buyers in mind. Consider what they'll think when the time comes to sell, great renovations attract more buyers and could fetch a higher sale price.

Be sure to have a look through this great renovations guide for more information.


Are you thinking of buying an investment property?

Property investment is an excellent way of adding an element of security to your financial future.

If you already own property and are thinking of refinancing, using your existing equity to purchase an investment could be an easy and straightforward way of doing it.

And, with any luck, you could be collecting rental income and eyeing up capital gains within the year!

Whether you're a first-time investor or already have a significant portfolio, now is a great time to invest.

Our experienced real estate sales consultants can help you take advantage of both residential or commercial investment opportunities in the regions.


Take control of your mortgage to improve your financial position

Instead of your mortgage being a source of stress, have a chat to your mortgage broker about how smart, tailored advice around restructuring and refinancing your mortgage could work for you.

Changes could see you paying your loan down quicker, losing the monthly repayment stress and even reducing your interest payments.

Whatever your property goals are in 2020, be sure that you get the best advice and assistance possible from professionals that you can trust.


All the very best with your property goals in 2020

And remember, we're here to help you so be sure to get in touch with us when you're ready to make a start on achieving your property goals.


Want to know more about getting more value out of your home renovation? Check out our free guide here!

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