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11th Annual Property Brokers Race To The Brewery event marks major milestone

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Property Brokers 26 Feb 2021

Blog image_Race To The Brewery 2021This weekend's Property Brokers Race to the Brewery event will achieve a major milestone for the wider Manawatu community by raising over a quarter of a million dollars for Relay for Life over the 11 years that the event has been held.

It is an achievement that race organiser and Property Brokers Regional Director Paul Roache says, "It's an achievement that we're incredibly proud of."


Roache continues, "The event has actually raised closer to 350k over the years, with the rest of the profits going to other organisations like Rescue Helicopter, local community fire brigades, and a scholarship program that was set up in 2016 for local athletes that are competing on the national or international stage."


The race has gone on to become an iconic annual event in the region where teams of workmates, families, sports clubs and individuals get together and compete in a well-spirited race from Property Brokers at 240 Broadway Ave over six stages to the final destination at the Mangatainoka Tui Brewery where everyone relaxes with a nice cold beer and enjoys a festival atmosphere.


With the 60 or so teams entered this year, Paul said, "Probably around ten of them are reasonably competitive, another 30 or so moderately competitive, and the balance just enjoy a great day out with their mates."


Property Brokers were one of the original sponsors of Relay for Life when it was bought to the region around 30 years ago and is also a sponsor of Hospice.


Communities like ours need companies to support these organisations; otherwise, we just fall behind the larger centres, and it makes it more difficult for families to stay close to loved ones in those times of need.


Alongside Property Brokers, other companies that proudly sponsor this event are Media Works, Tui Brewery, Norwood, MacDougall's, Manawatu TRC Toyota, McDonald's as well as Dean McKerras School of Dance, Mad Butcher, Isles Construction and Kevin Bills Media.