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Six cost-effective renovation ideas

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Property Brokers 07 Mar 2020


Didn't get around to finishing all of the jobs on your Summer list? Finally, have some spare time now that the kids are back at school? Now could be the time to get stuck in and have a go at getting some home improvements done, we've gotten a list of six cost-effective home improvements together for you to have a look through!

Whether you are wanting to add value to your home before introducing it to the market, or simply want to modernize your living space, our tips will help you get the best out of your money.



A fast way to instantly 'update' your property's look is by replacing old, outdated chandeliers or flush mount lights. This can instantly modernize and add value to a home as well as decrease energy costs.

  • Wall-mounted lights can increase a rooms warmth, especially the bathroom,
  • Brighter lighting/Task lighting can be helpful in the kitchen,
  • Accent lighting helps to set moods in a room as well as adding illumination,
  • Think about adding a dimmer to your lights to minimize intensity output,
  • LED lights are great to help create a focal point.

When considering new lighting fixtures, the illumination they create should be more important than the look of the light itself. Remember to keep the look and feel of the room in mind when selecting lighting features of main rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen, they can make or break a room's overall appearance!



Does your kitchen floor have outdated and worn out tiles? New flooring can instantly add value to a home and create a warmer feel.

A popular flooring option for the kitchen is laminate floorboards. 

Laminate is a great option for increasing insulation and is incredibly simple to install! The benefits of Laminate flooring include:

  • Compared to other types of flooring, laminate is very affordable
  • The material is extremely durable in terms of scratching, staining and is simple to clean
  • There are many realistic designs and colours to choose from, whether it be a wooden floor or tile look
  • The tongue and groove locking system of laminate flooring abolishes installation costs and results in a quick job

Just like lighting, the flooring can either make or break the overall look of a room, create a warmer feel and add value for potential buyers.



A fresh coat of paint can brighten up a room and/or hide minor faults on walls. Paint can quickly transform a room and add value to a property. When planning a re-paint, you should consider:

  • Which colours will best match the existing surroundings
  • Whether versatility important
  • If the room has a high ceiling, darker colours can add depth to the space, while lighter colours such as white, or light greys can really expand a space.

Painting can be one of the least expensive but effective ways to improve a home. Neutral colours are a versatile and safe option to go for, especially when considering selling a property, don't be afraid to add bold, vibrant colours in order to make a statement.


Eco – friendly taps and fittings

Water-saving measures are an important factor to consider in homes and can be very appealing to new buyers. Obviously, water wastage is a key issue and eco – friendly taps and fittings can improve water efficiency in homes.

Surprisingly, eco – friendly taps and fittings do not restrict water pressure; they only restrict and lower the overall water flow.

When choosing new taps and fittings, keep an eye out for the water efficiency star ratings! The higher the number of stars on the sticker indicates efficiency.

So not only will new taps and fittings provide an updated look to a bathroom or kitchen but also create a water efficient space and appeal to new buyers.


Front door

The front door is often overlooked but it's one of the easiest ways to update the look and feel of your home, and as we know, first impressions count!

Front door looking a wee bit worse for wear? You could replace it with a sleek modern door; or an easy way to update your door is by replacing the doorknob, and either re-staining your door; or giving it a lick of paint.

If you need some inspiration, browse Pinterest or Instagram – you'll be surprised how many people share beautiful imagery of exterior doors!



The outside of a home is equally as important as the inside! The exterior is seen before the interior, so should too be presentable and tidy, especially if you're selling your home.

A cost-effective improvement to a home is to fix or install a concrete driveway. Easy ways to put a spin on plain concrete driveways could be:

  • Adding in bricks between the concrete in any pattern of choice for additional detail.
  • Adding different blocks to the edge of the driveway for definition
  • Depending on the overall layout and space, a garden or hedge up either side of a driveway can result in a neat and welcoming look.

Driveways are a space to be bold and effective with, being the initial starting point of entering a home, it is a great idea to have it be eye-catching and make a good first impression!

Want to know more about getting more value out of your home renovation? Check out our free guide here!

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