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Smart ways to increase space in your property

Home Improvement

Property Brokers 25 Aug 2020

smart-space-saving-ideasYearning for more space? You may not have to get the builders in; we've put a few tips together to help you maximise the space you have!

If renovating is not on the cards at present,these easy and effective tricks are sure to bring more spaciousness and liveliness into each room.

Quick space updates:

  • Looking to make your space look larger and brighter? Add a mirror to the room/area! Mirrors are a great way of creating the illusion of space; they also aid in bouncing light around a space which too gives the illusion of space.
  • Furniture in your limited space, not sure what to do? Contrary to popular belief, styled rooms look bigger than unfurnished rooms. Try not to add too much furniture to the space though as this can easily look cluttered...balance is key here!
  • Rethink existing spaces. Ever considered converting a closet space into a home office? If you haven't, you totally should; it's a great way to utilise this space without having to add a desk etc. into existing floorspace.
  • Add more light to your home! This gives the illusion of the property being larger than it actually is. Opt for sheer curtain drops to allow more clear light into your home. Consider adding more light at different levels (pendant lights, lamps, etc.) as this introduces light from numerous angles and intensities. Consider adding a skylight; it's a great way of introducing natural light into your property too.
  • Create optical illusions for existing spaces by introducing a feature wall - as a guide, to add extra 'light' to a room use lighter colours as opposed to darker hues. Low ceilings? Paint the top quarter of the wall a light colour, paint the lower three-quarters a darker tone, this will instantly give the illusion of taller ceilings.

Space saving ideas by room:

Kitchen: This is the one room in the home where functionality and practicality are key! Space-saving vertical shelving (up to the ceiling) in your pantry is a great way to store both appliances and food; this will free up precious benchtop space. Make the absolute most of your drawer space by using drawer organisers. Free up space below kitchen benchtops by installing overhead storage for pots and pans!

Bathroom: As one of the most used rooms in a home, the bathroom space can become cluttered very easily. To fully maximise storage in this space, consider using open shelving, and also utilising baskets under the sink for children. Consider using organisers to store your makeup, brushes, jewellery and other accessories neatly, also making the most of the available space!

Entryway: Functionality is important in the entryway of your home. This is the area guests will first see when entering your home, it should be easy to manoeuvre efficiently. Consider using a slimline hallway table; or bench and coat-rack combination to easily keep car keys, shoes, coats etc. on. This will keep your home's entryway neat and tidy! If you don't have room for a table/bench, consider installing wall-mounted hooks or open shelving. Lastly, A large wall mirror will create a reflection of the rest of your home and create the illusion of more space.

Living Room: As a multi-functional room, this space can tend to get messy and unorganised quickly. Consider replacing your coffee table with one that has open storage below to hold books or magazines. An ottoman is another great option for storing accessories, toys and more! Hidden space creates a neat and clean living room space. Have a fireplace? Consider installing a raised hearth around the fireplace; this will allow you to place cushions on top and is a great way of adding extra seating options for entertaining.

Bedroom: Organised cupboards create a space that is easy to use. Great storage options include under-bed storage containers; these are great for storing off-season clothing items, kids' toys and more. These are a great way to free up closet space. Consider wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling wardrobes; this will give you so much more space to use and will give the illusion of a higher ceiling too.

Laundry: Few things bring as much joy as an organised laundry room! If you haven't already, consider installing an overhead shelf for detergents and other products. And, if possible, try to install a counter above your washing machine creating space for folding and organising clothes.

Home Office: Assuming you don't have a lot of space to work with, when choosing a desk, look at the dimensions. Smaller may be best here. If you have a large desk, it will make all the available space around it look smaller and more cramped. It's also worthwhile looking into getting a file cabinet, desk organisers or drawers if you don't have these, these will ensure that important documents are safely stored away, look neat and stay organised!

Garage: Many garages are home to junk and unwanted items. A great way to store equipment is to install overhead racks and open shelving, making the most of the vertical space available - freeing up precious floor space.

Using the tips and tricks above, you're sure to create a better flow in your property. We hope to inspire you to get thinking about how your rooms can do double duty too!